Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Fun With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

I was surfing through Pinterest last week and came across a table painted in ASCP Antibes Green then coated with dark wax.

This is a finish I have wanted to achieve for a long time!


This is the table I had that I wanted the finish for!

But!!!  I was a chicken...a fraidy-cat....to try something new.....so I chose something small to see how it would look first...


I chose these two sewing machine drawers.


The one on the left has two coats of paint.

The one on the right has had two coats of paint and dried for 24 hrs, then sanded with fine grit sanding block, then waxed with clear wax, then dark wax and allowed to dry for 24 hrs. Then buffed it well with a piece of an old towel. And I loved it!!!

So I felt fearless and transformed the table....

Instead of sanding after painting, I used very fine steel wool to smooth out the surface and distress it a bit.


Then a coat of clear wax.


And then a coat of dark wax.


And voila!!!


The buffing made the finish gleam!!


Next on my list of transformations.....

some vintage bird cages!!!


Stay tuned for more fun!!!

Love and hugs, Laura






  1. I LOVE this color! However every time I use it, the pieces take forever to sell. I have an almost full can I am waiting to use on just the right piece of furniture. Your table looks great!

  2. Hi Laura... and thanks so much for visiting me!... I loved hearing all about your homegrown veggies and herbs and all of the local food you buy!... it's sooo scary what they do to food these days!...do you have farmers markets?... ours are just beginning... so much homegrown goodness!... Happy Summer to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I am pondering doing a table too, so thanks for the tips. Looks good!


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. Hey girl...so wonderful to hear from you! Are you still painting with Annie Sloan? Love it!

    Little by little we are recovering. On 2/20 we will mark the one year anniversary of my daddy's passing. Last December we passed the one year mark of Steve's father's death and in January we celebrated Steve's 1st anniversary at Oklahoma City Community College. We returned to working on our kitchen after we recouped a bit from the layoff. Our cabinets are in and I'm presently painting them. Once they are finished the backsplash goes up and the flooring. If someone had told me it was going to take this long I'd have never believed it. NEVER AGAIN! Truly! Nothing came out as we planned. Some disappointments...but mostly good! Couldn't find your email addy. Sooo sorry! Hugs~R

  5. Looks great!! Love the color!!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words on going gray!!

    I think going gray is fine as long as you have a great hair cut and i am lucky to have found one!!