Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Clivia

Thank you Beverly at
for hosting this weekly gathering of friends who have a lot of PINK mixed in with their gray matter!!!
I am back!
I was sick another week (missed two weeks of work) but went back on Tuesday and worked Tues (13 hrs), Wed (13.5 hrs), Thurs (14.75 hrs).  On Friday I felt like I had been hit by a truck, but I went out for lunch with my girlfriend, Wendy, and that helped a great deal. We only had a couple of hours together, but we enjoyed a fabulous lunch at a new seafood restaurant in Belleville. It is called "Kalay's". I had their pan-seared Digby Scallops and they were Delicious, Exquisite, Plump and for lack of a better word YUMMY-SCRUMPIOUS!!!!!   Do I need to tell you I love scallops??!!!
I came home from dropping Wendy off, picked up my daughter, Alyx, to drive her back into the city for work and promptly came home and went to bed at 3:30 in the afternoon and slept until after 6 pm.
So, today is Saturday and I feel much better after a good nights sleep.
This is what greeted me as I entered my livingroom.

This is my Clivia. Many years ago my Mom gave me a baby plant from her ancient plant and this is that same baby plant today. I think she is twenty years old!

The next 2 pics below were taken 7 days ago when she was begining to open her flowers.

And today she is in full bloom!

My latest treasure is an antique Mueller Volksteadt Dresden lamp.
It is soooooo beautiful!!! I think she is from the 1920's to the 1930's.
She needs a very gentle bath in warm soapy water, a new cord and a special shade. When I get her all spiffied-up I will do a post about her!

I hope everyone has a restfull!!!!! and wonderful weekend!
Love and warm hugs, Laura

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday From Your Long-lost Blogging Buddy Laura!

Happy Pink Saturday!!
I haven't posted since mid January and I cannot believe that it is now the fifth of March!
I have come to realize that the older I get the FASTER time flies by!!
Much has happened since I last posted, so here is quick update.
Monday January 17th I handed out 5 resumes to local nursing homes (all within 20 minutes drive of home).
By 4:15 that same day I received a call for an interview. It was from the nursing home where I really wanted to work! By noon the next day I had received calls for two more interviews. The next day, Wednesday I had three interviews. I was offered a job at the hursing home where I really wanted to work on Friday and started the next Tuesday January 25th. I received job offers from the other two nursing homes as well. What a boost to my ego that was! This nursing home is brand new and absolutely the best one in our area! I love working there!
Our daughter experienced a huge cut in her hours where she was working and moved home at the beginning of February.  She is back in her old room, the new sewing studio/guest room. The only piece of furniture I would let her move back in was her bed. (I didn't want her to get too, too comfortable in there). She has now found a new job and it is turning out to be great for her and will soon be full-time hours, so we expect that she will be apartment hunting very soon.
Last Saturday I woke up with a sore throat and that quickly manifested into influenza. I was smart and did get the flu shot in the fall, but the dag-blasted bug got me anyway! I have spent the better part of a week in bed. I did manage to read abit, "Coming Home" by Rosamunde Pilcher ( I have read it three times and I still LOVE it!). I sipped on weak tea and toast when I felt like crawling out of bed. My sweet hubby looked after me when he was home in the evening. He is just the best in the whole wide world!! My chest still feels heavy and my strength is coming back slowly and I do feel better, but I will be going up stairs for an nap shortly.
Yesterday, I received a letter from Sweet Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound"

 asking me to link-up for Pink Saturday. I thought to myself, "If I am feeling better that is just what I will do!" So without further ado, I would like to welcome you to Pink Saturday in my cosy livingroom.

My Uncle Jack, who is now 87, sent me a letter a few weeks ago and in it he included a $5. bill with a tiny note stuck to it, "To buy a treat!". Last Saturday when I was feeling yucky witht he sore throat, I purchased two little pots of pink! hyacinths. They have opened up and are filling the house with a lovely spring-time fragrance! Thank you Uncle Jack!

This is the table behind my sofa. Do you see the snow outside? Soon it will be gone. Two months until the lilacs bloom!!

Sweet hyacinths in an Aynsley plant pot.

Some of my "pretties".

When my mother died, I found this poem and framed it in this vintage convex glass frame. It has brought me great comfort over the last few years.

Some of my "Ladies".

My cousin, Heather, gave the card to my Mom and Dad on their 60th wedding anniversary. The coupel swing back and forth. The little guy on the right is a first issue Royal Doulton named "Golliwog".  His face is so angelic.

"Laura" by Renaissance China in England circa 1940-50s.

A tiny Dresden lady.

A large Dresden lady.

I collect jugs!

More jugs!

I also collect vintage  cookie and candy tins. But they will have to wait for another posting on another day.
It is raining here today in eastern Ontario. The temperature is currently 41 F (5 C). It is going to cool down to below freezing later this evening so the wet will turn into freezing rain and then snow. I am going to have a snooze whiel huuby goes groceriy shopping then I will make a pot of tea and read through my new Victoria magazine.
Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!
Love and warm hugs, Laura