Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at Maplethwaite Manor.

Good morning everyone!
Merry Christmas!!!
I am joining Beverly at
for Pink Saturday.
I still have some last minute shopping to do. Tim and I are going out this morning to brave the crowds and watch the craziness of last minute shoppers!!

I roasted a small turkey on Wednesday and Wes, Tim and I ate it with dressing (stuffing), mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. I usually do my turkey dinner the week before Christmas, but with all the cleaning and decorating I have been doing, I had to postpone for a few days. It was worth the wait!!

Our house has been very quiet at Christmas time for the past four Christmases. In 2006 I was recovery from a breakdown. In 2007 we were grieving the deaths of my Mom, June 2, 2007, Tim's Mom, June 16, 2007 and Tim's Dad, December 1, 2007. In 2008, I was having more health issues. In 2009 we were grieving the death of my Dad, February 4, 2009. Plus, I had just had shoulder surgery at the end of October, 2009.
Now Christmas time 2010 is here and I have decorated the house inside and out! Our tree is the best one we have ever had. My mother would have loved it!
On Christmas morning we will be having a huge brunch with ham, eggs, latkes, orange French toast, special coffe and Mimosa! (champagne and orange juice mixed)
During the afternoon we will relax and watch movies, read our new books and go for a walk across the fields in our back yard.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Love and hugs, Laura

P.S. I'll see you in 2011!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in "My" Living Room.

Hello and Merry Christmas My Dear Friends.
I have taken some pictures of "my" living room. I will do a post tomorrow and show more pictures of the rest of our home at Christmas.
I hope you enjoy your visit here.
Would you like a glass of champagne or rum and egg nog or mulled wine?
This old radio cabinet houses my stereo and cds. The photo is of me and my Dad summer 2006. The felt mice on the windowsill are special; Mom made the chubby one many years ago, and the tall skinny one my daughter Alyx made about ten years ago.
The lamp was my mothers. It is from the 1940s, I think.

I have a bluebird on my windowsill, also!


This is my pink tree. It has pink decorations, balls, china teacups and teapots. One set is from Connie @

The other set my children gave to me years ago for Christmas.
I also have golden birds and angels, a porcelain doll and vintage brooches and other special baubles and bling! The satin roses were made by my friend Lynn from Teacup Stitches!

Candles are aglow!

Lynn from
shared a beautiful vintage Christmas image last week and this is one of the things I did with it. I copied it and framed it in this lovely old frame ( the glass is convex). The Royal Vienna plate in the stand was my dear mother-in-laws. I picked up the silver bride's basket at an auction about a month ago. The guy who bought the joblot that it was in did not want it, so he GAVE it to me!! It is exquisite and he did not want it!!! (I still cannot believe my goodluck....or is it GODluck!!)

I have had the oil painting since we were newly married, around 1983/84. It is signed and dated 1877. I love the greens and the reds in it and usually hang it above the mantle at Christmas time. The silver centrepiece is from before 1900 and is made by the world renowned Walker & Hall Silver company from England. I bought it at the same auction where the man gave me the bride's basket. The bride's basket is unsigned, but it has the same frilly lace edge that this centrepiece has, so I think that it is a Walker & Hall piece, too.  The youing couple to the right is me and my baby Christmas 1981. It was our first Christmas dating.  Our son's graduation picture from highschool is on the left.

I'll be back tomorrow evening with more pictures. Please drop in for another visit.
Love and warm hugs, Laura

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished the TREE!!!!!!

                                                 PHEW!!!!  I finally reached the point where I had to say "ENOUGH!!" I still have a couple hundred glass balls to hang on the tree, but I keep having to remind myself that I used to decorate three trees and all will not fit onto one tree!!!  So here "SHE" is.......TAADAA!!!

She is my "Memory Tree".  So many years, so many memories, so much love!
I'll be back soon to show you pics of the house!
Merry Christmas!!!
Love and warm hugs, Laura