Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Fun With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

I was surfing through Pinterest last week and came across a table painted in ASCP Antibes Green then coated with dark wax.

This is a finish I have wanted to achieve for a long time!


This is the table I had that I wanted the finish for!

But!!!  I was a chicken...a fraidy-cat....to try something new.....so I chose something small to see how it would look first...


I chose these two sewing machine drawers.


The one on the left has two coats of paint.

The one on the right has had two coats of paint and dried for 24 hrs, then sanded with fine grit sanding block, then waxed with clear wax, then dark wax and allowed to dry for 24 hrs. Then buffed it well with a piece of an old towel. And I loved it!!!

So I felt fearless and transformed the table....

Instead of sanding after painting, I used very fine steel wool to smooth out the surface and distress it a bit.


Then a coat of clear wax.


And then a coat of dark wax.


And voila!!!


The buffing made the finish gleam!!


Next on my list of transformations.....

some vintage bird cages!!!


Stay tuned for more fun!!!

Love and hugs, Laura





Monday, April 29, 2013

Discovering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Where have you been all my life??!!


For a very long time now (years!) I have wondered about using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (from here on in referred to as ASCP).


I found a local stockist, The Melon Patch in Bath, Ontario, but I did not venture out to look at it until about a month ago.

During that first visit I met the lovely Elizabeth Harvey who is the proprietress of this quaint village shoppe.

I purchased a litre of Provence ASCP and a can of clear wax.


I have been a painting and waxing fiend since I got my hands on the stuff and I have been breathing new life into some wonderful old treasures!!


Here are a few of those pieces before during and after.



An antique mirror, probably from the 1920s. Some of the ornate edging was missing, but I thought it would look great painted Provence ASCP.


And it turned out fabulous!!


After I painted the fancy work, I gently wiped some of the paint off so some of the old gold would show through. It looks very French Provicial now!!  I later moved the mirror to hang over our bed.


Next, I tackled an antique dresser vanity mirror. It started out like this:


And ended up like this!


Then I goofed around with a vintage sewing basket that started out like this:


And turned out like this after I painted then lined with new fabric.


I have had this next table (it is called a "dumb waiter") for about five years. I used it for a while, then stripped it because the finish was truly shi&%$#!!

But then I did not know how I wanted to finish it, so it has languished in the garage for about three years. Until ASCP came into my life and transformed it!


Is it not truly pretty now?!

I may distress the edges some and give it another coat of the clear wax, but for now I just love it!!

Last week I returned to The Melon Patch in Bath, Ontario and purchased a litre of Old White, Pure White and Antibes Green as well as a can of the Dark Wax. In a few days I will show you what I transformed using these colours!!

I love to read your comments!

Keep well and until next time!

Much love and warm hugs, Laura.


Friday, March 8, 2013

HELP!!! I am redesiging my blog!!!!!

I suddenly had an urge to redesign my blog and I have messed up the whole thing!!!   I am trying to fit the picture of the house into a better size and for some reason the title of the blog is not showing. I want a pretty blog!!   Please help!!!