Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teacup Tuesday September 28, 2010 Paragon and Aynsley.

Happy Teacup Tuesday Everyone!!!
I am back after a bit of a blogging break. I just got busy with stripping furniture and other bits of life.
So here we go!
Thanks of course to Martha of
and Terri of
for hostessing this wonderful weekly event!!
I have just checked out their postings for today and they have some gorgeous and exquisite teacups today!! Go and take a look-see!!

Here is a sneak peek at my "cookbook" bookshelf in process of being stripped and refinished.

It was partially stripped when I bought it at an auction more than a year ago. I had to wait 'til my shoulders were better to tackle this big job! I'll post the entire job when I am finished. I am still debating whether to stain and urethane or to just repaint it cottage white. Check back next week and see what I decided.

I like to collect things to have when I have grandchildren. My own kids are 22 and 24 and children are far, far into their future, but I pick up things here and there to have when I do have grandbabies. Things such as teddy bears and puppets and little chairs and dishes and silverware.
About a month ago I bid on and won two Paragon Honiton teacups and saucers. They turned out to be demitasse cups, but I loved them anyway. They are the perfect size for this future "grandma" and "grandgirlie" to have a special tea party with.
The dresser scarf was a 25 cent thrift store find from a few weeks ago. After being very gently washed (read soaked!!) and pressed......It is exquisite!!

I bought two dessert plates from my friend Wendy who sells on Ebay. They are made by Aynsley of England and the pattern is "Regina".

They complement the demitasse sets perfectly!

Remember that you can click on any picture and then zoom in for a close-up.

The little cups are sooo delicate. The pattern is lacy and rosey with just the right amount of gold highlights.

Very pretty handles!

Paragon. One of England's best china manufacturers (in my mind anyway!)

This next teacup I bought at my friend, Dee's, store which I blogged about last.

It was made by Aynsley of England ( another exquisite producer of china).

Corset shaped cup and dainty handle. The pink is really deeper than the pic shows.

Plain inside with the exception of a thin gold band.

Saucer and cup are embraced by bands of gold ivy vines

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me today.
I have to get ready for my last physio therapy visit. After two and a half years, many tests, one failed procedure and two successful surgeries I am well on my way to complete recovery and returning to work hopefully by November!!!
 Have a wonderful day and check out Martha and Terri's posting today for MORE participants in Teacup Tuesday!!!!
Warm hugs, Laura.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"SIMPLY ECLECTIC" My friend Dee's new store!

Today was a rainy and cool day here in eastern Ontario.  I decided that I would drive to Stirling and check out my friend, Dee's new Store.
Yesterday was the  first day she was open.
Her store is called "Simply Eclectic" and is located at
26 Front Street in downtown Stirling, Ontario.

Phone 613-395-4152

The store is right across the street from the Stirling Theatre.
The front window presently features a simple display of an antique wicker chair and some shabby rusty iron figures. Dee has hung a huge vintage window as a feature in this big window.
I love absolutely everything in this store!!!
There is an eclectic collection of Claire Burke home fragrances, locally made artisan soaps, new and old furniture, new and vintage prints and oil paintings, and vintage china, pottery and crocks.
AND....vintage teacups!!!!

This is a picture of Dee with her seven month old granddaughter, Lily.

I loved this iron bust of a maiden.
Her merchandise is very reasonably priced.
I had to talk myself out of buying many things, because I didn't want to empty her store!!!
This is an exquisite set of glass pitcher and eight matching highball glasses.
A basket of rag balls.
This says it all!!!
I have one of her willow wreaths!

Right now this large kitchen cupboard is not for sale. Dee and her father repaired it and refinished it and she now uses it to display some reproduction Fiesta Ware and other vintage finds.
Check these out!!
I love the vibrant colours.
This gorgeous harvest table holds an everchanging display of lovely items. Beneath it Dee has placed some vintage baskets that she has for sale.
This is a fabulous vintage Coke cooler!

Another vintage display cabinet.
These are birdhouses that Dee has made using vintage teapots and coffee pots. I have two of these!!
Her rag dolls are gorgeous! She makes them using new and vintage fabrics.
This glass lemonade set is exquisite!!
These soaps were homemade by a company in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Here is an antique parlor table and a new iron loveseat and folding iron occasional table.
Dee has collected crocks for years. Do you see the dash churn in the back?

I love this antique ash kitchen cupboard unit. It is on casters so it could be used as an island.
It sports two wooden cutting boards which slide into the unit like a drawer, a deep drawer, a flour bin on the lower right and a deep cabinet on the left. It would look perfect in my kitchen!!
My favorite piece in the whole store is this antique walnut gramophone cabinet!
The side panel cupboards keep eight vintage binders of records safe and sound!!
Here it is with the doors closed.

And open....I think this would work nicely as a bar cabinet. I envison a collection of crystal decanters, glasses of various sizes and your selection of liquid libation!
Dee sure is clever at using vintage wares in silk and dried flower arrangements!!
 I hope you have enjoyed this visit to Dee's new store, "Simply Eclectic".
She will be having an open house soon to celebrate the store opening. I'll let you know when that is happening.
Tell her that Laura sent you!!!
Love and warm hugs, Laura.