Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Pray For Sandy, Sarah and Simone in Australia!!

Hello to all my blogging buddies world wide.
Three of our blogging friends in Australia are facing absolutely horrific floods in Queensland, Australia.

Simone at

Sarah at

Sandy at

I am sure that you know of others in our blogging community who live there also.

Flash floods are occurring and sweeping cars and people away into rapid currents of turbulent muddy waters.
The loss of life and wellbeing is catastrophic!
Please say a prayer for all people facing these challenges and send this message far and wide so our positive thoughts and love circulates and keeps them safe and sends them hope for recovery soon.
Love and warm hugs, Laura


  1. Hi Dear Laura:

    I have visited and enjoyed all of these blogs at one time or another. I'll be sure to remember them in my prayers! xox

  2. In my part of South Australia its drizzling today. So our thoughts is never faraway and prayer is always on our mind to Queenslander at the other part of Australia.

  3. Yes, Laura, my prayer is sent.
    And I am reminded of Psalm 93:4, a verse I clung to during our last hurricane.

    God's blessing on all,

  4. thank you, Laura, for this thoughtful post...

  5. We are praying here in Puerto Rico too; hoping your birthday was full of love and sweet things...Hugs