Thursday, July 5, 2012

Maplethwaite Manor Reborn.

Introducing Maplethwaite Manor 2012.
 So named due to the many Maple trees which grow in our yard.
(I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this!)

The west view patio.

Lavender on the edge of the patio.

Vintage iron furniture. The sofa and two arm chairs were purchased at
Funk & Gruven A-Z  in Belleville, Ontario

The table and six chairs were my mom and dad's.
I stripped them and repainted them two years ago.
 Holy Cow what a job that was!
BUT...really worth all the effort.

I found this "sideboard" which matches the table suite sitting on a lawn in a nearby village. It had a sign on it....$100.00. So I quickly turned my car around and bought it!!!   What are the chances of that happening!!

The garden and the porch.

South east corner of the house.
I would like to have a pond built here with a stream burbling down and over this huge rock.
(The plans are nestled in the deep recesses of my ever imaginative mind!)

A southern view.
The crappy bit of garden at the front of the pic below will be my new huge rose bed come the summer of 2013.

From the south east.

From the road.

Coming up our driveway.

View from the north.

View from the front lawn. My lavender walkway is in the middle of the pic. I still need to remulch the right hand side of it.

Pretty house!

Pretty front door where we sit and drink our morning coffee and watch as the sun comes up.

Pretty blue sky.
I love summer!

More garden.

Porch and garden.

Lavender, day lilies, phlox, delphiniums, shasta daisies and a globe cedar.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

I'll be back very soon with more fun decorating, thrifting and transformation posts.

Much love and many warm hugs, Laura


  1. You have been so busy Laura!!
    Your transformation is gorgeous! All the special touches make a house a home and yours is definitley Home Sweet Home :-)
    I"m especially fond of your front porch and that neat little out building I see in the 2nd to last photo!
    Thanks for sharing and have fun in your favorite season of the year!!
    We are 103 today and I am not the fan you are of summer HA!!

  2. Lovin'your beautiful home my friend. Simply beautiful. You sure do have a vision for your home and I LOVE IT!

    Where you be???? OK?