Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Post.

Good morning
Today is my first attempt at blogging. A new friend, Lynn at Teacupstitches, sent me a link to her blog and I was inspired to set up a blog of my own. I am going to try to add something new every day for a while, so I get the hang of things. I have so many ideas, and stories to share with you!!!
Hugs, Laura

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  1. Hello Laura!!
    Oh my you did a wonderful job setting up your blog!!! I want more posts please!! You can type with one hand - hehe
    I love your living room it looks so inviting!! One day I will have a white couch - removable washable slipcovers of course HA! Hmmmmmm - what a darling pillow I see :-)
    And your header is so cute with all the treasures displayed so nicely!
    I am honored to be your first follower and now I want more to read and see!
    Thank you for sharing such a delightful place to visit!!