Sunday, May 23, 2010

Auction Sale Tomorrow!!!!!

I am going to a good old fashioned auction sale tomorrow. It is being held at the farm house out in the country where a family has lived for many years and has collected many treasures. I first heard about it when the auctioneer, Boyd, mentioned it at another auction I attended earlier this spring. My friend Dee was at the auction, too, and so we decided to make a date out of this coming auction. I have packed a picnic and filled the truck with gas. I have Lysol wipes, papertowels and cloth bags incase I buy anything. I use the papertowels to wrap breakables in....much cleaner than newsprint. WHOOOPIE!!!!
I pick Dee up at 8 am and the drive will be about 40 minutes. We will have about an hour to check things over before the auction begins. You can check out the listing here...there are pics of what is to be sold.
I love going to a Sullivan Auction!!! The auctioneer is quite an entertainer!! It will be a great day!!
Hugs, Laura


  1. Hello Ms Laura Babe!!
    Is there anything better than a good auction!! A few things but not many HA!!
    Did you come away with any treasures??? Please post some pics to make us jealous :-)
    I haven't been to a good auction in so many years!
    I hope you are enjoying some nice weather and having fun on your treasuring jaunts!!!
    Happy Hugs,

  2. Hi Laura!
    Thank you for my blog visit and yes it would be fun thrifting together!
    Its easy to add a pic - just go to the NEW POST and in the toolbar you'll see the icon with a blue sky? Move your mouse over it and it will say add picture or add image - something like that. Click it and find your pic and add!
    For some reason it always adds the new pic at the top so you have to rearrange them. I hope that helps!
    Blogger also has a wonderful help section - go to your DASHBOARD and click help - you can search by topic or type in what you are looking for. They make it really easy for non computer geeks like me HA!
    I hope to see some pics soon :-)
    Enjoy a super duper day!!
    Hugs and Smiles,