Sunday, May 23, 2010

Auction Sale Tomorrow!!!!!

I am going to a good old fashioned auction sale tomorrow. It is being held at the farm house out in the country where a family has lived for many years and has collected many treasures. I first heard about it when the auctioneer, Boyd, mentioned it at another auction I attended earlier this spring. My friend Dee was at the auction, too, and so we decided to make a date out of this coming auction. I have packed a picnic and filled the truck with gas. I have Lysol wipes, papertowels and cloth bags incase I buy anything. I use the papertowels to wrap breakables in....much cleaner than newsprint. WHOOOPIE!!!!
I pick Dee up at 8 am and the drive will be about 40 minutes. We will have about an hour to check things over before the auction begins. You can check out the listing here...there are pics of what is to be sold.
I love going to a Sullivan Auction!!! The auctioneer is quite an entertainer!! It will be a great day!!
Hugs, Laura

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Discarded Angel.

We just had our upstairs bathroom remodeled, so had to make a trip to the dump on Saturday. My hubby, Tim, loaded the various pieces of trash into the truck along with our household garbage and recycle. He tipped over the old toilet to dump some rainwater out of the bowl and heard a kachinkle, chinkle.....and out fell a handful of coins!!! No wonder the dam thing wouldn't flush properly!!! We have lived in this house for eight years and always had trouble with this toilet. I thought it was because of hardwater buildup, but it was just cold hard cash!!!!LOL. I washed the coins and counted it up..... 86 cents......not enough to cover the cost of the new bathroom!!! So he loaded the toilet and secured everything and we drove the backroads to the local dump.
Now I have a confession to make. I have been known to go the dump and bring home more than I have taken. Alas, I didn't find much last Saturday when we arrived at the dump, but I decided to poke around some more in the metal pile to see if there was something shabby and unique to paint.
The pile of scrap metal at our dump is huge, probably 40 feet wide and 30 feet high and I don't know how many feet deep. I just skimmed around the outskirts of it and founds bits of old bikes, strollers, umbrellas, fridges and stoves, but nothing that really peaked my interest. Then I noticed something at my feet that looked like it was made out of plaster. It was upside-down and I began to smile when my brain registered what it probably was. I could see that there was some kind of instrument, being held in some hands and a couple of wings!!! Close by, about eight inches away I found a broken foot. Could it be??!!! I turned it over and this beautiful "angelic" face looked up at me. I could hear her pleading to me "Please take me home with you. My foot is broken and I am so alone here all by myself!" "Oh, dear Baby" I said. "No more fears; I indeed will take you home with me and you shall have a special place to hang on my bedroom wall with my other plaster angels". My husband just shook his head and chuckled when I showed him who I had found. He knew that I would give her a loving home.

A few days ago I tried to glue her foot back on, but carpenters glue just wouldn't work. I thought that I might have some Plaster of Paris hanging around somewhere, so I trekked down to the basement and of course there was a box of it waiting patiently for me and my latest project. I am happy to say that the P-of-P
worked wonderfully and the broken foot has been mended. Now I have to decided whether I will give her a few coats of white paint or try to restore her to her shabby gold gloriousness! What do you think I should do?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Post.

Good morning
Today is my first attempt at blogging. A new friend, Lynn at Teacupstitches, sent me a link to her blog and I was inspired to set up a blog of my own. I am going to try to add something new every day for a while, so I get the hang of things. I have so many ideas, and stories to share with you!!!
Hugs, Laura