Monday, December 13, 2010

Rebecca's Give-Away and I am deep in the process of decorating!!

Good Monday Morning My Blogging Friends!!

My friend Rebecca at

is having a Christmas Give-Away!
She has made the above pillow and is offering it on her blogsite.
You can click on the link in my sidebar to go directly to the Give-Away post.

I have finished the redecorating of the upstairs hallway and stairway and have spent a number of days cleaning and tidying the house.
I have started decorating for Christmas so I have uploaded a few pictures to tease you!
I will be back later this week, hopefully by Friday! to show you our Maplethwaite Manor at Christmas Time!!

Take care my special friends!!
Love and warm hugs, Laura


  1. Hi Laura ... Ohhh, I like your teaser! I want to see more! Thank you for all your kind comments with respect to my father. I appreciate your kindness and friendship. I'm going to go check out your friend's blog and that beautiful pillow! ~Hugs~

  2. EEEK! I see my pillow at the top of this post! Thank you girly!

    NOW...I WANT TO SEE MORE! I'm sooo impatient. :)

    You crack me up. I loved the Pillsbury story...I needed the smile! Thank you!