Saturday, December 18, 2010

I found a tree!!!!!

Happy Saturday my Blogging buddies!!
One week until Christmas!!

I have been busy cleaning and tidying and making room for the TREE!
I started pulling the bins of Christmas decorations out of the garage.
I store the large wreaths and garlands in large garbage bins (pic below).
They have wheels so are easy to move from the garage to the house.

Tucked safely inside away from mice, chipmunks and squirrels!!

My Mom gave me the wreath below in 2005. It is quite large and hangs from the ceiling. I hang it in the garage throughout the year so it doesn't get crushed.

Christmas bins stored in the garage.

More bins!

Earlier last week I looked for a tree at the local country store. I had picked up a nice one there last year, but this year they were very short (less than six feet).
I grew up in an old Queen Anne Victorian house which had a large bay window. My mother's mission was to fill that bay window with the largest tree that could be found. She always had a spectacular tree!!
I inherited that desire for a large tree. One year the tree I picked took up half of our livingroom! It was a beauty!!
I stopped at the Salvation Army store on Thursday and noticed that Christmas trees were being sold across the street. I drove up to the lot and found THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BALSAM FIR TREE!!!!

Here is my baby! I told him to smile and show his teeth!!
He did!!
I love you Babe!

This is the corner where the tree will be.

This is the best tree bucket that I have found. See the whole where water can be added?

I place an old towel on the floor then cover that with a plastic garbage bag to protect the floor.

Tim is holding the tree while son, Wes, screws the screws into the tree trunk.

Tim had to make some adjustments so they switched jobs.

Tim used some wire and anchored the tree to the wall as well. I have many antique and vintage decorations that would disintigrate if the tree fell over.
Tim the tool man and Wes!

Many years ago I invented a hose apparatus to fill the bucket.
At the time, Tim said that I should patent the idea. I didn't. Years later I saw "my" design being sold in stores!!
Tim models the first prototype. It is a piece of garden hose with a funnel attached. Stick the hose end into the hole of the bucket and fill through the funnel end. Very neat and tidy!

Here "She" is!!!!
Is she not beautiful??!!!
She smells sooooo fabulous!!

I am going to let "Her" rest overnight so her branches will settle down. I'll put the lights on her tomorrow and begin decorating, too!
Stay tuned!!!
I'll post again tomorrow!!!
Take care!
Love and warm hugs, Laura


  1. Wow, your tree has the perfect shape and appears full and lush! I will watch for the decorated version! Merry Christmas! Connie

  2. Hi Laura Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness your tree is just absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait to see it with all of your decorations. How pretty it looks in that corner of the room.

    You should have patented that idea my friend when you had the chance. Just the way it always works. Someone takes our ideas.

    Hope you have a beautiful Saturday sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Hello Laura: Oh yes, your tree is quite spectacular ... what a beauty! You're going to have so much fun, dressing her for Christmas! Love your invention ... next time make sure you take your brilliant idea to the Dragon's Den! Enjoy your weekend! xox

  4. I'm loving your tree my friend! You totally crack me up! I wish I was there 'cause I'd love to help you as you DRESS HER UP!


    Love to you sweets...