Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dee's store, Simply Eclectic.

Good Day!
I have been redecorating our upstairs hallway and stairway for about ten days and I finished last night!!
BOY!! I am exhausted!!!
So, I am going to tackle today at a much slower pace!!
In September my friend, Dee, opened her store, "Simply Eclectic" in downtown Stirling, Ontario.
I featured her store the second week she was open.
Last Thursday, as part of my day out with my girl-child, I drove to Stirling so Alyx could experience Dee's lovely store.

Simply Eclectic is located at
26 Front Street
Stirling Ontario Canada

The front door is a very cheery Christmas red!!

The doorstep is decorated using fresh evergreen bows and natural twigs and branches from the fields and woods on Dee's farm.
She certainly has a beautiful eye for floral arrangements!!

And wreaths!

Once inside you are greeted with the warm, fragrant atmosphere of Simply Eclectic.

Dee has selected an array of new, vintage and antique furniture.
Cupboards are filled with lovely "things" which include transferware, glassware, Bridgewater candles (exquisite fragrances!!!) knick knacks, jars and vases to name just a few items.

Art work is strategically placed throughout the store.

Christmas is everywhere!!

A red bookcase!

I love this small desk (shown below).
It is a perfect size for a small den or bedroom or hallway.

Flashes of red make you turn your head and investigate further!
I think the small buffet below would look great in a French Country kitchen. Do you remember the rooster lamp from Mike's store Funk & Gruven? (see previous post) It would look fabulous on top of this buffet!!

Red wooden Dutch shoes!!
The small chest to the right would make an excellent place to store your CDs.

Here you will see an antique drying rack draped with gorgeous pashmina shawls/scarves.
Another dried branch and silk flower arrangement nestled into a new wire plant stand.

More red!
Silk poinsettias and the handles of vintage rolling pins.
Dee has a fabulous selection of antique crockery!

A collection of Johnson Brothers ironstone dinnerware.

This antique Victorian cupboard has been adorned with evergreen bows, a shimmering metalic tablecloth and garlands of pine needles.

An antique walnut dropleaf table sparkles with a collection of new mercury-glass candlesticks and other silvery items.

A week ago Dee brought a Gibbard buffet and china cabinet into the store.  Hurry in to check them out! They are very reasonably priced and won't last long!!!

More art and vintage baskets and boxes.

Beautiful vintage patchwork quilts and an assortment of vintage crochet and embroidered lovelies!!

More silver!

Hello Sweet Dee!!!!
Honey, I love your store!!!  
I could live in it!!!!

I get over to Simply Eclectic a couple of times each month. I have always! found something to "feather my nest" with. 
There are a number of eating establishments in Stirling, a lovely bookstore, a bakery, a fabulous thrift store and other boutique shops as well!!
Try to plan a late morning or afternoon  visit.
Simply Eclectic is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm. Occasionally Dee has to close a bit early, so call ahead at 613-395-4152, if you are planning to visit later in the day.
I hope you have a chance to visit Dee at Simply Eclectic before Christmas. The store is filled with eye-candy and marvelous gift ideas for just about everyone on your list. I am sure you will find one, two or three things for yourself as well!!!!
Take care my lovelies!!!
Enjoy this Christmastide!!
Much love and many warm hugs, Laura


  1. What a fabulous-looking store!!! I'm sure a person could spend HOURS in there and come up with a wish list a dozen pages long.

    I have been out of blogland quite a bit lately. Right now, I'm having a kidney stone flare-up...had to go the ER on Monday and am now on several medications, all of which make me loopy and groggy.

    I wanted to respond to what you asked about Of Human Bondage. I am a HUGE Bette Davis fan. I think she is the most incredible actress I have ever seen, and I want to see as many of her movies as I can. So, SHE is the reason I watched Of Human Bondage. It stars Leslie Howard, and I don't care for him at all, but since I think Bette's fabulous, I decided to give it a try. He is in nearly every scene, which is a downer for me. Add to that, the quality of the DVD wasn't the best (got it through Net Flix), and the continuity of scenes wasn't there for me. I would have liked to know how long had elapsed between scenes....months? years? So, I didn't overly care for the movie...BUT for Bette Davis fans, it is a MUST-SEE. And in one of her final scenes, toward the end of the movie, it is easy to see a foreshadowing of the incredible star she would become.

    Anyhow, have a lovely day.


  2. Hi Laura,
    Many pretty item and must have in your friend shop. My house is bare with decorative item at the moment although I wish for them. I have to wait until those tiny little curious fingers to grow up a bit more before I can have them.

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing the pictures of all that lovely vintage goodness. I too, could spend hours and alot of money there. Merry Christmas :)


  4. Hi Laura!

    I am very excited to visit Dee's shop! I grew up in Stirling, and I'm moving back with own family in March! What a lovely looking spot! Thank you for sharing!

    I'm thrilled to have found your blog too! I look forward to reading your posts! All the best to you!

    Little Village Naturals