Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pink Depression Glass and Other Goodies!

  Good morning my fellow bloggers. Happy Pink Saturday to you. This fabulous weekly celebration is hosted by lovely Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound
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Thank you Beverly! You have brought so many wonderful new friends into my life!
   I was blog surfing a couple of days ago (it is my new quiet time hobby!) I came across Roselle's blog

She was featuring some gorgeous pink depression sherbets that she had found thrifting. Check them out they are beautiful!! Her post inspired me to show you some of my pink depression glass, too.

It all started way back at the dawn of around 1973.  I was 13 and was working for my Dad in the retail store of Maple Dale Cheese Factory near Plainfield Ontario. It was my first job and I was making 50 cents an hour bagging cheese curd......stuffing one pound of fresh, salty, warm, curd into a plastic bag!!  OMG!!!!   I still love the stuff!!! (and yes, I could eat as much as I wanted while working!). Anyway, this job allowed me to have some money in my pocket. My Mom had started a `Hope Chest` for me when I was about six, so I started adding to it.
  My first piece of pink depression glass cost me 25 cents. It is an hexagonal platter. I purchased it at Peggy`s Store in Thomasburg where I grew up. (It is a small hamlet in Eastern Ontario). You can see the platter resting in front of Momma`s rose platter. Just a few years ago (thanks to Ebay!) I learned that it was made by the Lancaster Glass Company in  the 1930`s. I was drawn to the ``pink diamonds`` in the centre of the platter and the ornate handles. It is still very precious to me.

The week after I bought the platter, my Dad brought home the creamer and sugar for me. (You know, I had forgotten that, until I began to write this post!!) He bought it from Peggy`s Store as well.  They have the same etched flower and leaf pattern as the platter.

As you can see, those three pieces, began my almost forty year collection of pink and then green depression glass.

My collection has grown! To go with the glass, I started collecting pink rose dishes!

And pink rose jugs and pitchers!

And any lovely thing that was PINK!!  The candle sticks or bud vases below are 1980`s Fitz and Floyd which I paid 50 cents for last year. You can see more of my Myott rose trellis dishes, too.
My cravings for pink things has encouraged my creative side to ``pinkify`` many vintage items including this plaster plaque. (it was once brown and gold)
So, the collection of pink things craze continues. These are some of my plates and crocheted pot holders which are on my kitchen wall above the big bay window.  You can see that it is still dark out. I HAD to get up at 5:30 this morning to take pics and write and post this!!  Pink Saturday has become a big part of my life!!  LOL!!  I love sharing my ``Pinks`` with you and I love, love, love visiting everyone`s blogs to see ``what ch`all got`` that is PINK!!

Well, it`s 7:15 am now and the sky is overcast. I am still working out in the garage cleaning and organizing it. Hubby moved more than half of the furnture and boxes of ``stuff`` out onto the lawn yesterday. It spent the night there!! So today, before it rains!!, he is going to move most of it back in, but it will be more organized this time. I will post about this huge chore early next week. I`m thinking of having a huge yard sale on Labour Day Weekend.  I gotta get rid of some stuff!!!!
Happy Saturday Everyone!!!
I hope you have an exquisite weekend!
Love and warm hugs, Laura
P.S. I think I need to git me a bag of warm, fresh, salty curd today!!


  1. Good morning my Canadian friend! I am so happy you stopped by today! I love all your pink and green! My favourite colour combinations as well as aqua or robin egg's blue! Love your pink depression glass! You have such wonderful pieces and how wonderful they are pieces with such lovely memories attached to them too.
    I love the teacups you shared in your previous post as well. I also host a tea party on Tuesdays and I would be thrilled to have you join me too. I am excited to become your newest follower and I do hope you will follow me too as we're Canadian gals and it would be nice to stick together. Wishing you a beautiful pink weekend and I hope you'll drop by again soon.


  2. Oh, sorry, Laura, I see you already are a follower! My apologies! Have a beautiful day.


  3. What a wonderful collection! I just love the variety of things you get when you've been collecting for awhile. And it all looks so spectacular and cheery! Makes you want to look at each little thing. Thanks for vising and commenting! Happy Pink Saturday! Jacqueline

  4. Wonderful! I really get in a cheery mood looking at your blog!Your blog is my happy place.

  5. Dear Laura: First, thanks for looking up that pattern for me! I am so excited about my purchase!

    Your collection is lovely. I also like the incorporation of rose china!

    Thanks for sharing all your lovliness.

    Happy PS

  6. Good Morning Laura Sweetie...
    Happy Pink Saturday and what a beautiful share you have today. My gosh you have so many things to share, but that pink depression platter, and the little intriquite handles are so pretty. I thank you for this share. I also love that your sweet Daddy bought you the creamer and sugar bowl as well. Something to cherish for a lifetime. So pretty.

    I love the way you have collected green as well, that color combination is so beautiful. I surely wouldn't want to be the duster of all of these pretties though. I would be so afraid of dropping one of the pieces. I bet you go through a lot of glass cleaner?

    I LOVE those Fitz and Floyd pink candlesticks. They almost look like tulips trying to open. How beautiful they are, and what a deal for 50 cents?
    Love the rose pitcher as well. I have a thing for pitchers, all colors, shapes and sizes, but I am drawn to red. I love cherries.

    Have a gorgeous weekend sweet friend. Thank you so much for sharing with me today. I have so enjoyed myself.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  7. Laura, what a beautiful collection and so good that you have memories with the pretty glass. Thank you for sharing.

  8. SQUEAL! Love your pink rose EVERYTHING my friend. SWOON! I've over the top in love with it all.

    Blessings to you and Happy Pink Saturday! Just love your collection!

    Love to you~


  9. Hi Laura!
    You are such a sweetie! thanks for your compliments on my rose clusters!

    WOW am I ever glad I got to stop by! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your collections and displays my sweet friend! Gorgeous!

    Have a HPS!

  10. Hi Laura.
    The dishes are so pretty...I luv 'em!
    May you have a sweet week-end.
    God bless,

  11. Hi: I just love depression glass. I think it is time to change my house over and pink is calling my name. Your display is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink Depression glass. My mom has a set of it...packed away in boxes. Perhaps I ought to ask her if I might have it!!

    I also love your china cabinet with all its pink, green, and favorite color combination.

    Your rose china is SO beautiful. And so is your lace shelf cover.

    Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    Have a lovely evening,

  13. Hi Laura
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. IT was so lovely of you .
    Your collection of is absolutely stunning love it all. Take Care.
    Hugs... Deb

  14. Miss MollieGirl ate some vermin...I don't want to know WHAT!

    She is going to be fine but her trips to pottyland are now going to be with a voyeur (ME!). She's no longer allowed to go out alone. Her little excursion to the wild side cost me $150. ACK!

    Love to you~


  15. Hi Laura! I didn't get to visit very many of my Pink friends yesterday so I am making the rounds this morning. I love all your depression glass. I too collect DG in pink and green. Well, that's not really an accurate statement, I inherited some of my Moms pieces but I love it just the same. We split her collection between the 3 daughters and I still ended up with 7 serving pieces, a set of clear desert plates and most special of all my ggma's set of pink water glasses. That should give you an idea of the scope of her collection. Hmmm, I think I just might have to do a PS post on it in the near future! I also love the F&F candle sticks, I have never seen them before. You have a wonderful collection! Have a great week, Nan
    ps, I forgot to mention my dh is from Ontario too,near Niagara Falls!

  16. Godd Morning, Laura,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your plum picking story about you and your brother. I love plums too and to find that there are pink ones is just, well, 'pinky'. You depression glass collection is beautiful. Thank you for posting so many photos of it. It makes reminds me about a set that I designed some painted chargers for. I will have to post that so you can see it. I love china too! Don't work too hard getting ready for your garage sale. Wish I could drop in for that!

  17. Laura, what a wonderful memory of your first collection! I'm so glad you remembered how sweet your dad was to get you that cream and sugar! What a dad!!! You have a lovely collection of beauties and I'm so glad you shared them with us!
    Blessings, Doni

  18. Forgot to say, I think you are right about the artist of the dog print as being Coby. I did a Google search but nothing turned up. Would love to see your cards! Nan

  19. Heya sweetie!!!! Sorry it took me so long to come back and visit!! Been so busy around here getting things set for my daughter to start her Homeschool program and doing a little more work around the house... time sure does fly by these days!! Just catching up on your blog...... loving all your pretties!!! Your creamy yellow cabinet with all the pink and green depression glass and rose covered china..... oh so yummy ;O) Love the shelf next to it, that color is fabulous!!! You have an absolutely beautiful and breath taking collection of depression glass sweetie, I AM SO JEALOUS ;O)Hugs to you hun!!!!! Tammy