Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday on my PINK PATIO!!!

Good evening Chickies!!! Are you ready for more PINK?!! Let's all give a resounding round of applause for Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound  ( for hosting this wonderful weekly festivity for all us Pinky Peeps!!.
I am sipping my glass (actually I think it is a water goblet!!) ; )  of White Merlot (which is actually pink in colour!!) while I write this entry. While I was doing grocery shopping this afternoon, I wondered as to what I would feature this week for Pink Saturday. I arrived home and the sun was shining on our back patio and "BOOM" it hit me........"the Patio is PINK!!!" So, I poured my self a glass of pink liquid, collected a couple of extra pink things and started my "photo shoot!".

The patio faces west so we enjoy the afternoon sun. This is where our barbeque is. Hubby is presently shucking corn to cook on the side burner. It isn't pink, but I just had to mention it 'cuz this is our first feed of corn-on-the-cob for this year! (Mmmm....can't wait!)
I purchased the two steel chairs at a country auction in 1998. There is a rocker as you see above and a matching non-rocking chair (shown in pics to come). They were off white when I purchased them (both for $12.00!) and have been Robin's Egg Blue and then "Laura's Cottage Pink" since 2009.  ( I took a plate with a pretty rose on it to have the pink colour copied for a gallon of paint, hence, "Laura's Cottage Pink"!!)
We make homemade wine at  Cucina Freeman in Belleville which is a local brew-your-own-joint.  The glass is a thirft store find....25 cents.....very heavy crystal....I love it!! The table is a 1950's-60's vanity minus the mirror. It was black when I bought it ($4.00) so decided to give it "the pink treatment".

Do you see the little birdhouse??   It is pink, too!
This is my favorite summer purse. It is from Danier leather. My son, Wes, bought it for me in 2008. Hint:  I clean it with Lysol Wipes and spray it with Tana Leather spray to keep it looking brand new. This is its third summer!! My daughter, Alyx, brought the Eiffel Tower keychain back from Paris for me last year.

This is the little matching change purse and!
Would you like to sit a spell and join me with a glass of wine??

I made the cushions for the white wicker on the porch, but they work here just as well!! All of the fabric is recycled....even the zipper! The floral focal was a valance from my girlfriend Anne, the denim was a skirt, and the floral  backing was a curtain.
The flowers in the granite ware pitcher are "faux", but the pink wave petunias are for real!! The pot is painted the same "Laura's Cottage Pink".
Here is a better pic of that birdhouse.
A few years ago I decided that silk flowers were ok. Since then I have arranged large bouquets which I rotate between the seasons.  Hint: I store them in large clear recycle bags.  I just "lurve" the big pink peonies!!
Here is that glass of wine I promised you!!
I realized, when I was looking at the pesky weeds growing between the patio stones, that my toes are painted pink, too!!!
 Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!! Make sure to check as many participants as you can. You will find oh so many pink lovelies!!!
Warm hugs, Laura


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting. Love those antique chairs. I know, I won Rebecca's giveaway! I am so excited; it is my first blog win.
    ~ Julie

  2. thanks so much for the wine, I love your little sitting area. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. I LOOOOOVE that pink patio chair, sweetpea!!!! Ooooh, I'd love to have that. First time I've ever been here but what a delight. Nice to meet you, sugar. Happy pink saturday.

  4. You have a lovely patio. I LOVE the chairs...table too. How wonderful that you were able to paint them to be exactly what you wanted them to be (even twice, in the chairs' case).

    And you make your own wine? How neat. I'll bet it's delicious!!

    Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Happy Pink Saturday Laura Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I so love this one. Your chairs are just awesome and what a steal of a deal. I love them painted pink, they sure do pop on your patio area. Thank you for sharing them.

    Lovin the birdhouses, what a gorgeous purse. Beautiful pink color, but I have got to tell you the wine and the pink tootsies, how awesome they are.

    Have a gorgeous Pink Saturday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Laura,
    What a lovely pink patio you have!! And I love Laura's Cottage Pink!!! LOL!!
    I would love to sit a spell with you and sip away!!



  7. Your patio is so pretty!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Oh WOW! What a charming lil setting you have all done up in pinks! Too pretty!
    I hope you will be able to stop by my blog as I am having a giveaway and would love to have you enter!

  9. Very cute! I love your custom shade of pink! Be sure to stop by my blog for a great giveaway!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

    Sarah ***Visit my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking party!***

  10. Hi: It looks like a wonderful place to just relax and have a glass of wine. I love all the pink. I have your pink metal chairs too! Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Martha

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! I love those vintage pink chairs! Have a wonderful Sunday, Nan

  12. Cross the border greetings Laura!
    I just love your cozy cottage patio with all its pretty pinkness!! Your lawn chairs are wonderful and I remember having those in our yard as a kiddo - before they were considered vintage ;-) sigh . . . and the cushions add the perfect pop of color!
    I would SO love a glass of that yummy pink wine! It looks sooooo refreshing!
    Oh you are one of those ladies with dainty pretty feet! I am jealous - hehe
    I enjoyed my visit today Laura! See ya again soon!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  13. Hiya sweetie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!!! You are my first guest I did not already know ;O)!!!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE your beautiful blog, your home is simply yummy!!!!! By the way I guess we are neighbors of sorts since I live in Minnesota ;O)I love your Laura's Cottage PINK... yum yum!!!! The cushions and pillows you made are exquisite!!! I will surly be following you and look forward to seeing your plaque that is like mine!!! Many Big hugs, hope we talk "write ;O)" again soon!!!!