Monday, August 16, 2010

Shabby Vintage Plaque.

Good Monday Everyone!
While I was blog-surfing last week I found a blogger who had a vintage plaque like one I had. I told her that I would post pics of my plaque. Her name is Tammy. This is her blog
 I just peeked on her this morning and she has shabbied up a couple of chandeliers and a mirror. THEY ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! Go and take a peek!!
So here are the pics.
You can click on the pic to have it enlarge and then you can click again on the pic and zoom in for a closer look and see.

I bought this at a local Salvation Army Store in July 2005. It still had the $3.00 price tag on the back!! Poor thing; it had been sitting beneath an end table in the livingroom. I had not taken an opportunity to hang it yet!
I have just hung it on the porch where the light is brightest right now. Do you see how the profile is 3-d?
Monsieur Gentleman has a chip to his curly locks, but Madame Lady is all there as is the rest of the plaque.
Aren't her gown and bonnet pretty? I just love the pink, green, off white colours.
                                                                           Here is another side-view.            I spent another two days cleaning out the garage   and mini barn. OMG what a chore! But I can see daylight now!! I'll post on that later this week. Do you feel autumn in the air?
                                    Warm hugs, Laura


  1. Oh, that is beautiful!! Definitely too pretty to be sitting underneath a table. I'm glad you finally got it hung up.

    Blessings on your day,

  2. What a beautiful plaque! ~ So darling and just beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely piece with us!..,

    ~Please do also come by and enjoy this week's delightful; 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

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    Have a marvelous week! ~ Hope to see you soon dear lady!

    Cheers and hugs from wanda Lee

  3. It is beautiful sweetie!!!! I love the colors!!!!!!!! Lucky girl, you do not have to paint!!!!!! I am glad mine made you pull yours out though because it is much too pretty to be hiding ;O)!!!!! You are so sweet to mention my blog.. ty so much hun!!! You have a new friend for life ;O)!!!!!!!!! "giggle"!!! Oh one other funny thing, I chipped my guy in the very same spot yours! When I picked the plaque up "Goodwill" from under a bunch of other things it chipped a small piece from his!!! We really do have a lot in common I think, I just got done working with my hubby to clean out my junk shack too.... oh my what a crazy mess that was, we purchased this house last Sept. and due to the closing being changed on us 3 times when I moved I had to be moved in a couple days so all my JUNK was shoved into my work room above the garage and of course i have just continued to collect more!!! I could definitely have my own little!! My neighbors came over because they thought I was having a garage!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!! Hugs to you sweetie!!! Tammy

  4. How pretty and what a steal. I love finding great bargains at thrift and antique stores. Hope you have a wonderful day. Come by and see me; I am a new blogger.