Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teacup Tuesday Roslyn China "Moss Rose".

Good Morning!!! How is everyone out there in Blogland today? Once again I am joining lovely Martha at http://www.marthasfavorites.com/  and Terri at http://www.artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/
for Teacup Tuesday.
Today I am featuring a teaset by the Roslyn China company of England. The pattern is "Moss Rose".  I have a set which includes the teapot, milk jug, creamer, sugar, under tray (made by Royal Albert whom I think purchased the Roslyn China company and incorporated their patterns into their own), cake plate, waste bowl, candy tray and six cups, saucers and tea plates. I have set a table for two. Please join me!

I love the pure white china and the dainty pink roses with the tiny forget-me not flowers.
I have salt and peppers to match! I sometimes use the little pressed glass "boat"  for lemon wedges.
I have baked a loaf of whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread and poured a fresh pot of orange pekoe.

Do you see the roses peeking out from inside the teacup?

OH! This cuppa has LOTS of "money" in it!! Quick.....before it disappears!

Ummmm.....the bread is soo moist and delicious. Would you like some more?

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please come and visit again!
Many hugs, Laura


  1. Hello Laura :) I really love this charming tea set!! And to have so many pieces, how wonderful! Such sweet and pretty pink roses :) And you have set such a lovely table for us ladies; the bread looks just scrumptious!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Hi Laura, what a lovely tea set! I love how you call the bubbles on the tea "money" ... my grandma always used to do that too and when I was really little, I'd look and look into the tea cups wondering where the money was! :)

  3. Lovin' the teacup and complements Miss Laura! Thank you for sharing with us today!



  4. Hi Laura - nice collection of tea set, and that bread you baked looks yummy too!

  5. Hi again - thanks for stopping by my blog. You're probably right about the name for those tea cups. It makes sense because they are kind of 'corset' shaped! :) Anyway, we live in Beamsville, a little town about half way between Hamilton and St. Catharines. I love Belleville area ... such a beautiful area along the lake. You're lucky to live there!

  6. What a beautiful and delicate tea set. I LOVE it. And I LOVE chocolate chip banana bread. I'll be right over...if we lived nearby, that is.

    I blogged about you on Pink Saturday. I hope you met some new friends as a result.

    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Gorgeous tea set! What a lovely pattern it is. You table looks very inviting.
    Thanks for sharing in Tea Cup Tuesday,

  8. Hi Laura, the cup that I mentioned on Terri's post is coming from an ebay seller called: slygems, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Don't know her name. I did also win another teacup on Ebay just last night, from an ebay seller: marias_china-n-charms, from Canada too. Also, the other day I purchased another beautiful teacup from a seller here in the U.S., which I will be getting that one in the mail before the other two. I am sooooo excited to get them, and can't wait to feature them in future Tea Cup Tuesday posts :) See you next week for TCT :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

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  10. Hi! I love your "tea things"! I was plundering around on the web looking for this China pattern--bought one little cup and saucer at a garage sale and it was sitting with a beautiful Limoges J. Pouyat cake plate that I didn't realize it didn't go with til I got them all home! Well, I enjoyed your blog and I wish you many happy days of tea "parties" :)