Friday, September 10, 2010

My New (to me!) Chandelier.

I love chandeliers! They epitomize elegance. You can use them in a traditional decor as well as a shabby cottage chic, Paris apartment or eclectic funky country decor.
I have been every fortunate to score five chandeliers over that last few years. I have never paid more than $10.00 for each of them. My largest and most elaborate one I paid a mere $3.00 for!!  (start the car, start the car! really....the guy selling it thought it was truly very ugly.....but what do (most) guys know about chandeliers anyhow!??)
I picked my latest chandy up at a yard sale last Saturday while I was on my way to Mike's Barn. (See previous post). I had stopped into said yardsale the day before and the owner was asking $35.00 for it.  So.....I waited until the weather changed to rainy and windy conditions and stopped back at 2 in the afternoon and offered him $10.00. He gladly said, "Sure!". 

Here "she" is hanging from a vintage birdcage stand.

She still had the ceiling attachment connected and the wires had just been cut, so I knew I would need to rewire it. She was also very dirty and grimey. Normally I would just get out my Wundex and paper towels to clean the crystals, but I wanted to make sure she was thoroughly clean.

So I took her apart....very.....very....carefully. I took a pic of the sequence of fittings so I would know how to put her back together. I washed the crystals in a plastic tub with warm soapy water in it. I rinsed in clear warm water and wiped carefully with an old terry towel.
I had a small jar of antique gold leaf paint so I used it up on the frame and fittings.

I went to Lowe's yesterday and picked up a roll of gold lamp wire, a new plug and an inline switch for about $12.00. she is in her new "dress"!!
She is radiant once more!
I'll post another picture of her this evening once it gets dark.
Have a wonderful afternoon.
Warm hugs, Laura

P.S. Here is an evening pic.


  1. Oh Laura ... she is a beauty! You've restored her to her former glory! Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Laura!
    You left a post on my wall mentioning the Belleville townhomes- that's where we bought!!! We commute from Toronto to Belleville, three days in the city and four days home! The best of both worlds really works for us. Thanks for your supportive comments! Warmest regards, Ali.

  3. That is sooooo cute. What a great and unique idea....I have to have a pretty small chandelier in a birdcage with candles maybe...

  4. What a sweet chandy and I love it hanging in the stand. I also love the old radio stand you found and are restoring to its new look! Thanks for sharing your finds.


  5. Dear Laura, This is a beautiful chandy! I like them more and more as I grow older and WISER!

    They sure do put out a lovely light and add alot of character to rooms.

    Thank you for visiting homehaven and sharing encouraging words with me. I appreciated hearing from you. Each day I hope to grow stronger and stronger. I have felt ill for so many years that I am in hopes that this recent surgery will assist me in being so much healthier.

    God bless you,