Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teacup Tuesday September 28, 2010 Paragon and Aynsley.

Happy Teacup Tuesday Everyone!!!
I am back after a bit of a blogging break. I just got busy with stripping furniture and other bits of life.
So here we go!
Thanks of course to Martha of
and Terri of
for hostessing this wonderful weekly event!!
I have just checked out their postings for today and they have some gorgeous and exquisite teacups today!! Go and take a look-see!!

Here is a sneak peek at my "cookbook" bookshelf in process of being stripped and refinished.

It was partially stripped when I bought it at an auction more than a year ago. I had to wait 'til my shoulders were better to tackle this big job! I'll post the entire job when I am finished. I am still debating whether to stain and urethane or to just repaint it cottage white. Check back next week and see what I decided.

I like to collect things to have when I have grandchildren. My own kids are 22 and 24 and children are far, far into their future, but I pick up things here and there to have when I do have grandbabies. Things such as teddy bears and puppets and little chairs and dishes and silverware.
About a month ago I bid on and won two Paragon Honiton teacups and saucers. They turned out to be demitasse cups, but I loved them anyway. They are the perfect size for this future "grandma" and "grandgirlie" to have a special tea party with.
The dresser scarf was a 25 cent thrift store find from a few weeks ago. After being very gently washed (read soaked!!) and pressed......It is exquisite!!

I bought two dessert plates from my friend Wendy who sells on Ebay. They are made by Aynsley of England and the pattern is "Regina".

They complement the demitasse sets perfectly!

Remember that you can click on any picture and then zoom in for a close-up.

The little cups are sooo delicate. The pattern is lacy and rosey with just the right amount of gold highlights.

Very pretty handles!

Paragon. One of England's best china manufacturers (in my mind anyway!)

This next teacup I bought at my friend, Dee's, store which I blogged about last.

It was made by Aynsley of England ( another exquisite producer of china).

Corset shaped cup and dainty handle. The pink is really deeper than the pic shows.

Plain inside with the exception of a thin gold band.

Saucer and cup are embraced by bands of gold ivy vines

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me today.
I have to get ready for my last physio therapy visit. After two and a half years, many tests, one failed procedure and two successful surgeries I am well on my way to complete recovery and returning to work hopefully by November!!!
 Have a wonderful day and check out Martha and Terri's posting today for MORE participants in Teacup Tuesday!!!!
Warm hugs, Laura.


  1. Welcome back! All your teacups & treasures are divine! I can't wait to see your finished bookshelf project. What a great piece with it's swirly detail. I love that you have started putting stuff away for grandbabies. I worked with a lady years ago who had an entire cedar chest full of goodies for future grandbabies. BTW - she was the Mum of 4 sons and NEVER did ever get a granddaughter - all boys! Have a great day!

  2. glad to hear your good news!
    and thank youfor sharing such LoVeLy cups :)
    tea is on @ FHC ~ WELCOME!

  3. Bonjour Laura - I really love the corset shaped pink teacup! So whimsical and dainty! Happy Tueday.

  4. Oh, those teacups are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors. I can definitely see you and a little grand-girl enjoying tea together with them. What fun!!!

    Your corset-shaped teacup is so pretty too. I love pink, so anything pink generally appeals to me.

    Finally, the dresser scarf is beautiful. What a find at the thrift store.

    Have a lovely day,

  5. Hello Laura :) Oh what pretty teacups you have for us this week; I really love the sweet Demitasse sets!! Now for that charming Bookshelf; me personally, I would paint it white, just because I love white painted furniture, but for you, you should do what will be best in your home...either way will be wonderful :)

    Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  6. Oh I am loving that shelf sweetie!!!! Cannot wait to see the end result!!! Beautiful cups and saucers... of course the pink and gold is my fav ;O)

  7. The first ones are some of the most beautiful tea cups I have ever seen...Really precious
    Meeting you again on Tuesaday is a pleasure for me

  8. Lovely teacups, Laura! Love the pink one especially. The dresser scarf is beautiful too.


  9. Your two new tea cups are absolutely gorgeous! Paragon is a very good company. And your Anysley plates are beautiful as well and really do go so well with the cups.
    Thank you so much for showing them to us today.

  10. Hi: What beautiful tea cups! I think the green cups are my favorites, not sure. Most important I am so happy for you and the recovery you have made. I pray that God will continue to bless you with good health. Hugs, Martha

  11. Hi Sweetie!
    Those cups are gorgeous! And that pink one is so sweet too! And what a great deal, 25c for a lil doilie, great find!
    Enjoyed my visit!
    Happy Tea!
    PS, can't wait to see your book shelf all finished!

  12. Hi Laura, I have a lamp shade making tutorial on its way. thanks for stopping by Sandy xx

  13. Ciao Laura!!!
    My name's Laura too...and I read your blog directly from Italy!!! I really love your style and I'll follow you!