Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First Visit to Mike's Barn, West Lake Ontario

Last Saturday I decided that it was high time that I visit Mike's Barn in West Lake, Prince Edward County,  Ontario.
Mike is owner of Funk & Gruven A-Z Antique Store in Belleville, Ontario. It is a fabulous store full of all different styles of antique furniture, lamps, dishes and collectibles.  The Barn, in contrast, is full of  antique furniture "in the rough" and you will also find boxes full of "buried treasures".
The Barn is located at 1305 County Road 12, West Lake Ontario.

This is Mike walking down the gang plank from the barn entrance. I found it difficult to take pics inside the barn because the lighting was inadequate on that particular day, but suffice to say that it is full of architectural building things (large collumns), old windows, beams, and a nice collection of "shabby" old country kitchen cupboards. (I love old cupboards...have a collection of 8 I think!!!)

This is a kitchen cupboard that was in the driveway of the "shed" which is another building on Mike's property. I loved this cupboard for its simple lines. Can you see the tongue and groove boards at the back? I imagined this cupboard painted medium 1940's green on the inside and cottage white on the outside with reproduction green glass knobs and handles from Lee Valley.

I considered buying this gorgeous French Provincial bed.

It is in dishevelled condition, but that is what I found endearing!! There is the headboard, rails and footboard. Mike said he thought it would look pretty refinished and in a little girl's room. I thought of stripping it all, and using the pieces to make a grand wall shelf with broken china mosaic inlaid where the upholstery would have been.

There were a couple of vintage birdbaths in the driveway. One small.....
And one large.......
This shabby PINK jam cupboard caught my eye, also!!

I think this is a Woodard iron patio dining table and chairs from the 1950's. It has the original black paint on it that is a bit chippy. You could use it "as is" or easily strip it with chemical paint stripper and repaint it in your choice of colour. I think???? it was $100.00 for the set.

I had fun rooting around in the shelves that were outside.  There were drawers and boxes full of all sorts of things!!  This is where I found my special teacup and saucer and the dove bookends which I blogged about a few days ago.

Here is a shabby old wall cupboard leaning against the west side of the barn wall. Don't let the rough condition scare you! With a little TLC and elbow grease and paintstripper it could be turned into a fabulous wall storage cupboard!

A few treasures.......

I found this small white cupboard in the hayloft section of the barn. I thought it may be an old radio cabinet.....

And it was!!!  Mike said, "It's going to need some TLC". and I replied, "I'm pretty good at TLC!!" (wink!). He carried it down for me so I could get a closer look, but I had already pretty much decided to buy it!! Someone had modified it into a shelf of was open at the back of the cabinet. BUT.....I was more interested in what the front looked like!!

I got it home and started to work on it on Sunday.
This is what I found......
after I started removing the extraneous pieces of plywood from the earlier modification.
Do you see that fabulous dentil molding??
And the side panels.....

The walnut veneer on the top was beyond redemption, so I just peeled it back with some force and a putty knife.

It revealed a flat hardwwod top. 

The front "skirt" has a pretty medallion.
Aren't the legs sweet??

Most of the old white paint came off with a paint scraper, then I tackled the rest with Heirloom Fast Acting Paint Remover. I used the putty knife to scrape off the gunk and also a small steel brush and steel wool.

Back view.
And front view!

More pretty appliques!

Sooo....this is as far as I have come with it. There is a shelf in the middle which is waiting in the sidelines.  I am going to think about how I am going to refinish this darling little cupboard. I have considered painting it a semigloss pure white and doing broken china mosaic on the top. What do you think I should do?? Any suggestions out there??
I await your reply!!!
Have an exquisite day!!
Warm hugs, Laura


  1. Mike's barn looks like a fabulous place to visit. You discovered a 'diamond in the rough'. I think your idea of white paint and mosaic sounds wonderful. Can't wait 'till you reveal the finished product.

  2. Hi Laura :) OMG!! What a fabulous treasure you have here!! Yes, do paint it white, and I think having some pretty china mosiac on the top will look wonderful! I'll be waiting on pins and needles to see this cabinet all finished!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  3. Laura, you worked wonders already with that cabinet! Love the idea of mosaic on top and painting it white. Isn't it wonderful being able to see past the disrepair. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now going to be a follower of yours. Please don't get me started on refinishing furniture again - lol. I used to do that years ago. Take care, Connie

  4. Hi Laura... oooh, I love the old barn and all of the wonderful treasures inside! I could spend all day in there... great photos! I would love to have you join the Barn Chicks party post I am guest~hosting for Karen of Brayton Homestead Interiors on October 8th! This would be a great post to link!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Laura
    Oh my goodness...I love places like that! He has all treasures there... We don't have places like that around my place...hmmmmm...

    Thats a great piece you found and its good the paint is peeling off as nicely as it is. I can't wait to see it! Do you also like to do mosaic china work? I bet that would be very nice on it.

    Weather has cooled off some hasn't it???? I hope the weather improves for the weekend...

    Come by and visit...I'm adding items for my 300th post Giveaway...I'm at 2 right now..


  6. absolutely awesome, there are so many things I would buy....and make so pretty!!

    that is a beautiful cupboard love the detail work on it.

  7. What a sweet 'find'. You certainly have been busy 'redoing' furniture of late. Your living room is looking grand!