Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revamped TV Credenza

I guess I am on a roll as far as blogging is concerned. Today is my third posting in as many days!
One day last fall, while wandering through my favorite thrift store, The Salvation Army Warehouse in Belleville, I spied this long oak dresser that had been crackle painted white. It was very heavy and sturdy, so I thought it would make a great TV credenza for our new large flat screen tv.  The finish was crappy, but the price was right...$10.00!!! (ten) So, we happily used it as is for many months, until a few weeks ago, when I had dear hubby and son take it outside so I could work on it. I had decided to revamp it to go with the other furniture I had refinished. See that posting here

The crackle finish was sound, just uneven, so I opted to just sand and paint the base without going through the mess and hastle of stripping it

The top finish was gross! GAG! I could see a lovely oak grain beneath so......... I stripped off the crackle finish and revealed the beautiful oak.
You can see that there is lots of storage in it. The cupboard on the left houses our stereo and the drawers store our DVDs, the Wii and other tv/computer-game-stuff.

Here you can see the oak nicely!

This is after one coat of Minwax brand English Chestnut stain and one coat of satin urethane. The base required just one coat of Laura's Cottage White paint (CIL Melamine oil based paint) 

This is after!
I just love it!!
Hubby still needs to hook up the stereo, but  he's been working overtime getting ready for teaching his new computer networking course.

So stay tuned because I am now working on a three piece bookcase wall unit. I have the centre piece finished. Here is a pic to tease you with!! You can see that I painted it my signature cottage white, but I had hubby remove the corrugated plastic from the back and I replaced it with pine beadboard strips that I stained English Chestnut to coordinate with the other furniture. Hubby and son took the cupboard on the right to the garage this morning, so I will be painting that later today!

When it's all finished, I'll do a grand tour of the familyroom!
I hope you have a lovely day!
Warm hugs, Laura


  1. Oh Laura - your credenza turned out fabulous. You did a great job on it. What is your signature white paint colour? I'll have to look back through your blog to see if you reveal your 'secret'. What a great deal for $10 and look at it now!

  2. You did a fabulous job, Laura. It looks beautiful.

    And I love that it has all that room available for storage.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Hi Laura,
    I was brought to your blog by a comment you left somewhere.
    congrats on you lovely blog and on the new style of your credenza. you did a marvelous job, girl!
    I'll stay tuned for more makeovers.