Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teacup Tuesday September 14, 2010 Grafton Willow

Happy Teacup Tuesday Everyone!!!
Blessings to all and especially to Martha and Terri who are the two sweet ladies who host this gathering of friends and collectors each week.


A few days ago when everyone was busy getting ready for the day, we heard a bit of a "crash" and what sounded like glass breaking. GASP!!!  Who broke what!!???? BUT!....no one had dropped anything! Very strange happenings indeed!!

This morning as I came into my livingroom the sun was streaming in the big bay window and I noticed that something was askew! The wooded diamond grate for one of the windows flanking the firepalce had fallen out! OMG!!! That's what fell!  I was afarid to see what was broken.
The grate had fallen against my Wedgwood jasperware lamp (ugh!!!) NOT broken!! and two glass shades had been knocked all....the...way....down....to....the....floor......BUT!!!! neither one were broken either! PHEW!!  So I put things back together, said good morning to Mom and Dad in my favorite picture of them from the summer of 2006 and decided to feature Dad's blue willow teacup for today.

Dad received this cup and saucer one year as a thankyou from some friends of my Mom's for taking her and them to a number of Master Gardener's meetings. He always treasured it and gave it to me when he sold the homestead.
I love the bright medium blue colour. It is so fresh looking.
Beside it I have an antique "Think of me" teacup.

And in behind that is an antique mustache teacup with pretty roses on it.
Here is the stamp on the bottom of the willow teacup. It is "Grafton" before it was "Royal Grafton". I love the colour of this blue willow so much that I have started collecting it and have amassed a goodly amount over a few short years.
Geesh!!!!   I gotta go and drive my daughter to work.
Have an exquisite day!!!
Love and hugs, Laura


  1. Dear Laura:

    Thank goodness nothing valuable was broken as a result of your mishap. Your Dad's willow teacup is precious, as is the picture of your Mum & Dad. What a lovely looking couple! Were either of your parents Master Gardeners? Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh my dear, I'm glad nothing was broken! You have some very interesting teacups, mustache cup today! Your Dad's is especially pretty. Thanks for sharing and please stop by for tea.


  3. Hi Laura :) Oh my, how fortunate that nothing broke!! I'd say that someone was looking out for you! What a very special cup you've shared with us today that belonged to your father; a cherished treasure! Your other 2 cups you've shown are just beautiful; I really LOVE that gorgeous Mustache cup!

    Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  4. How special to have your Dad's cup in your collection. I just love blue and white. Boy that is one fancy mustache cup and the think of me cup is precious. Glad to see your coffee kicked in! LOL You did good! :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Hello Laura, I am so glad that your treasures were safe after all! Yea! Your fathers cup is so beautiful, yes, a perfect shade of blue.
    Your other cups are very nice as well, such soft pink colors.
    Thank you so much for joining in today.

  6. So glad your treasures missed destruction by the mishap. What a wonderful thing to have a cup passed down from your father. I have lots of teacups but have never owned a mustache cup, maybe I'll come across one I just can't live without. BE BLESSED

  7. Your cups are lovely, but if you knew me, you would knot that Blue Willow calls my name! Pretty.

  8. Whew! You are sooo fortunate nothing was broken my friend!

    Now girly...today my mail had a little present from YOU! Thank you soooooo soooo much for the cards! YOU KNOW I LOVE THEM and I'm sooooo going to use them soon! Thank you ever so much for thinking of me and for going to all the trouble to get them off in the snail mail. It means more to me than I can say!

    Now...I'm going to have to think of something to bless you back! That's what it's all about!

    Blessings to you my friend....

    Love, Rebecca

  9. Laura, I loved seeing your teacups. My favorites are the 'think of me' and the mustache cups. I love these and collect them when I find them. I enjoyed your comment on my post yesterday so much I wanted you to email me. You'll find the link on our page. Have a nice day! Twyla

  10. Dear Laura
    Thank you very much for your kind coment
    sharing our Tea Cups and our histories is really a pleasure